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The Law Society of Libya

The Law Society of Libya is a Libyan civil society organization concerned with legal affairs through its interactive electronic platform, which mainly collects, organizes, classifies, and presents all Libyan legislation and agreements in various fields, and presents them professionally to interested and specialized audiences in all its segments, including researchers, jurists, activists, students, academics, management experts, institutional development and leaders. Private and public institutions and all stakeholders who have an interest in easy and direct access to the comprehensive store of laws and regulations that is available for viewing by all.

The Law Society of Libya Foundation, which aims to disseminate legal knowledge and support efforts to build the state of law, works on establishing ambitious, practical projects on a cumulative basis, the most important of which is an electronic service directory that provides communication with people with expertise and various legal professions, including lawyers, contract editors, arbitrators, translators, bailiffs, and others who make up the legal community in all its spectrum and components. The Law Society of Libya Foundation also aims to launch a dialogue space that provides interaction, discussion, and legal debate through interactive activities such as dialogue and discussion sessions, workshops, seminars, conferences, and specialized meetings that will enrich the process of advancing legal discourse and support the establishment of the rule of law with all its components.

The Law Society of Libya is a civil society organization that focuses on legal affairs. It has an electronic platform that collects, organizes, and presents all Libyan legislation and agreements. The platform is designed to be accessible to researchers, jurists, students, academics, and other interested parties. The Society also has a Foundation that works on practical projects, such as an electronic directory of legal professionals and a space for dialogue and discussion about legal issues. The overall goal of the Society and its Foundation is to disseminate legal knowledge and support the establishment of the rule of law in Libya.


Simplifying access to legislation for professionals and those interested in harnessing all our resources to serve our audience, spread awareness, stimulate inspiration and support the spirit of participation.

اشهار المجمع القانوني

A certificate of publicity to the Law Society of Libya Foundation

Founded February 22, 2022

After greeting

The Civil Society Commission informs you that you have been registered as a local non-governmental organization in Libya under registration number 2022-322 for the year 2022.

Thus, you have acquired a legal personality, and you will be able to carry out your business and activities in accordance with the goals listed in the basic system and in a manner that does not violate the general law and the applicable regulations according to Resolution 286 of 2019 AD, issued by the Presidential Council.

It is valid for one year from the date of its issuance

Executive Director of the Civil Society Commission